Joe Biedermann

Dubuque, IA 52003 · (563) 580-3557 ·

Hello, I'm Joe, a passionate software developer with a love for seeing creative ideas come to life. As I embark on my journey in the world of software development, I'm eager to hone my skills and learn about various technologies. I believe in the power of curiosity and the joy of problem-solving, which drives me to grow and improve each day. I am committed to learning and personal growth, as I continue to navigate the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of software development.


Awesome Auto

Service | Inventory | Sales

- Implemented the service microservice which maintained history of maintenance and customers in our database. This was accomplished through polling data from the inventory API which, in combination with sales, helped keep track of VIN numbers previously in our system, allowing us to schedule "VIP" treatment for returning customers.

- Implemented forms allowing for the creation of new maintenance appointments, as well as new technicians.

- Created using Django and React with Bootstrap.


Kanban board | Task Management

- Kanagira is a kanban board app using a combination of modern technologies such as React, FastAPI, and Material UI. By leveraging the power of these frameworks and libraries, you were able to build a highly responsive and user-friendly Kanban board application that can help users to manage their tasks and workflows with ease.


Hack Reactor

19 Week Full-Stack Bootcamp
Advanced Software Engineering Certificate - 774 Hours+
November 2022 - March 2023


Multiple Certifications

The Complete JavaScript Course: From Zero to Expert

Coding For Beginners 2; Get Started With Web Development

Intro to Programming

Python for Absolute Beginners

August 2022 - 2023


Programming Languages & Tools


Apart from furthering my education and keeping up with new tech, my true passion is being there for my family and being a dad. I really enjoy hanging out with my wife and kids, having fun and just being together. Some of my other hobbies are watching cool movies and popular TV shows, reading creepy horror novels, and rooting for my not-so-great Vikings, who might never win a Super Bowl in my lifetime. I also love cooking—it's a creative outlet for me, and it feels awesome when my family enjoys the meals I whip up.